Welcome jmf!


We’re pleased to announce jmf has joined the Lollipop Cloud team!

They have been a huge help, contributor and advocate of accessibility since before the public launch of the Lollipop Cloud project. They’ve also kept KemoNine in check ;)

They’ve been granted moderator status in XMPP/Matrix and we are working with them to get them the approprate, elevated privileges on our other public services.

The Power of One Word

Hoodie tackles wanted vs welcome

Words are important, so much so that I probably don’t even need to explain why. They can hurt people, they can make people feel safe, they can make people know how others feel about them, and most of all, they can convince people of things that otherwise would have no way to be communicated between people. So today, I want to talk about two different words, and describe why these words are so different, and why one is better than the other in a certain use-case. [Read More]