Lessons Learned

Failing Forward

Failing Forward The focus of today’s blog post is failing forward. As a team we’ve been putting out fires, learning many things and more over the last 2 weeks or so… Downtime The first major event we’d like to report on is the downtime that happened recently. JMF and KemoNine have been dealing with a lot of offline events lately and the server crashed at the worst possible opportunity. Consequently, our site and public infrastructure were intermittently unavailable for about 36 hours. [Read More]

A Status Update and a Thank You

jmf can't be stopped

Thank you, jmf Even before jmf officially joined the Lollipop Cloud team, they were contributing to the project. Over the last 3-4 months jmf has been a HUGE asset and have done a LOT of work quietly ensuring our website and documentation continue to evolve and improve. From the moment they found out about the Lollipop Cloud project, they have been involved. We cannot express gratitude in words well enough to do justice by jmf. [Read More]

The Bus Problem

Warning: Death discussion within

Warning Death is mentioned in this post and is a bit of a theme. Stop reading NOW if you’d prefer to avoid the topic. Bus Problems and Trust Ever since KemoNine launched the Lollipop Cloud as a public project they have been acutely aware of our “bus problem (link).” Stated another way: “Continuity.” Yet another way: “What happens when KemoNine dies?” We have been hard at work reducing spoons, matches and cost surrounding self hosted clouds. [Read More]

Welcome jmf!


We’re pleased to announce jmf has joined the Lollipop Cloud team!

They have been a huge help, contributor and advocate of accessibility since before the public launch of the Lollipop Cloud project. They’ve also kept KemoNine in check ;)

They’ve been granted moderator status in XMPP/Matrix and we are working with them to get them the approprate, elevated privileges on our other public services.

Public Infrastructure Updates

More transparent, more useful

Full Disclosure We’ve been running Matomo (link) for awhile now for basic analytics of our website (open source Google Analytics). It’s alluded to on the transparency report but we haven’t published login details for read only access. Why? Because Matomo is not accessible, has very ‘heavy’ dependencies (read: too much RAM usage for a proper lollipop) and is very difficult to deploy presently. We needed a live site for testing and our main website just so happens to receive traffic (<3 you all! [Read More]

XMPP Accessibility

Join the party, it's easier than ever

It’s officially Monday and KemoNine has been focused on ensuring we have content for the blog on the busiest day on the ActivityPub network. For today’s blog post KemoNine has been hard at work building out a proper Prodody configuration that allows anyone to connect to our XMPP chat room via a browser. Today we get to announce that we have better, more open access to our XMPP chat room. [Read More]

Progress Report

Things continue to move forward

It’s been just over 1 week since the public launch of the Lollipop Cloud project. In that time we’ve had a server crash, updated a bunch of code, began a major update to the docs and brought more foundational services online. It’s been busy to say the least. Server Crash Just a mere 4 hours after launch our server responsible for the public infrastructured crashed. It was down for about 8 hours. [Read More]

24 Hour Status Report

What a RUSH

What a RUSH The last 24 hours have been fraught with stress and amazing feedback from people all over. 😍 The feedback, positive vibes and commentary have been very helpful for getting through some hiccups the last 24 hours brought to bear. Server Crash Within 4 hours of going live we suffered a server crash. One of our services had a RAM spike that crashed the server. Our primary admin was napping when the outage occurred. [Read More]