A Little About jmf's Lollipop in Action

jmf on saving money and mobile data

This is why I love having my own little Lollipop: My life requires that I be a little flexible in how I access the internet, but my life also requires that I can always access the internet. My base Lollipop setup is basically an ordinary wifi router, with more flexibility and features. The devices on my home network are fairly uninteresting: a couple of laptops and a PlayStation. But now they all access the internet by connecting wirelessly to my Lollipop, which is tethered to a cell phone with unlimited data/hot spot usage. [Read More]

Troubleshooting: Connection Speeds

T-Mobile cell phone tethering edition

I use my Lollipop as an access point for my devices to “the outside world,” by tethering my Lollipop to a cell phone. After some recent mobile account upgrades, I finally buckled down to do some serious Lollipop work… and discovered my connection speeds are abysmal, at less than 0.5 mbps, with two different phones (an iPhone 5S and an LG K20 Plus) on the T-mobile network. But when using an iPhone 8 on the Verizon network as a hotspot, the connection speed jumped to 4. [Read More]