Lessons Learned

Failing Forward

Failing Forward

The focus of today’s blog post is failing forward. As a team we’ve been putting out fires, learning many things and more over the last 2 weeks or so…


The first major event we’d like to report on is the downtime that happened recently. JMF and KemoNine have been dealing with a lot of offline events lately and the server crashed at the worst possible opportunity. Consequently, our site and public infrastructure were intermittently unavailable for about 36 hours.

We apologize for this situation and are taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. If any of our core team members are travelling we will be ensuring there are at least 2 people at all times with access to our public infrastructure. This will help to ensure that any overlap in offline events don’t keep us away if something happens.

Lesson learned: We have improved our disaster recovery plan.

Visible Progress

For about the last month, we have not had much visible progress on our Gitea instance, except one major update to the documentation.

Due to offline events in the team’s lives, the “lack of progress” will likely continue for the short-term. We are working on ways to ensure that even small updates (like this blog post) are regularly pushed out for our community.

We may not be pushing code, but we are thinking about the project, actively testing prototypes, and making small incremental changes as we are able.

We hope to continue to keep the weekly blog posts (even if small) coming so you can track our progress and what we are doing behind the scenes.

Going Forward

Tentatively, we are focusing on getting more Docker containers documented and online. Then we will be cleaning up the Kanban boards to address outstanding issues and adding new services. Our highest priority for new services currently includes TT-RSS, Wallabag updates, Watch Tower, Portainer are high for priority. As always, if you’d like to see our current status or offer your input, you are always welcome to join our kanban boards.

We aren’t going anywhere, and we are dedicated to making this a long-term project. Going forward, we will keep the blog posts coming, and continue providing insights into the non-visible aspects of the project.