XMPP Accessibility

Join the party, it's easier than ever

It’s officially Monday and KemoNine has been focused on ensuring we have content for the blog on the busiest day on the ActivityPub network. For today’s blog post KemoNine has been hard at work building out a proper Prodody configuration that allows anyone to connect to our XMPP chat room via a browser.

Today we get to announce that we have better, more open access to our XMPP chat room.

You can now access our chat via https://anon.xmpp.lollipopcloud.solutions. The link will take you to a converse.js deployment that auto-connects to our XMPP project chat room. You’ll be prompted for a nickname and once you click (or equivalent) ‘Enter room’ you’ll be in our chat.

We hope this facilitates more open access to our project as well as lowering barriers to entry. One of our fundamental project tenants is accessibility and we feel this will be an improvement for the Lollipop Cloud.

If you’re interested in deploying something similar we have an open ticket here (link) that details the Prosody setup we have deployed.