Public Infrastructure Updates

More transparent, more useful

Full Disclosure

We’ve been running Matomo (link) for awhile now for basic analytics of our website (open source Google Analytics). It’s alluded to on the transparency report but we haven’t published login details for read only access.


Because Matomo is not accessible, has very ‘heavy’ dependencies (read: too much RAM usage for a proper lollipop) and is very difficult to deploy presently.

We needed a live site for testing and our main website just so happens to receive traffic (<3 you all!) so it was a natural fit for testing.

Our testing failed. We cannot recommend Matomo to our users.

It’s not accessible (very high learning curve, additional fluff features for non-marketing humans), is not lean for requirements (~200MiB of RAM usage) and really not suitable for an inexpensive lollipop.

Our Matomo instance, database and deployment has been removed from our infrastructure and data deleted. Matomo is not the right path forward for the Lollipop Cloud.


About a month ago KemoNine discovered Fathom (link). It’s a very straight forward web analytics package. Think Google Analytics/Matomo/Piwik but more accessible and lower hardware requirements. Kind of a perfect fit for the Lollipop Cloud project.

Over the course of the last 2 weeks KemoNine has been working on building Fathom so it can run on ARM computer boards (Lollipops, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, others).

As of this writing: Fathom is usable on ARM boards thanks to KemoNine’s efforts.

There were some bugs in Fathom, some updates to their build process and more. We’ve worked with KemoNine and the author of Fathom to get the bugs squashed and KemoNine has submitted code changes to add ARM support to the main Fathom project.

You want this if you want simple, accessible analytics for your website. It’s awesome. Lower requirements than Matomo/Piwik, can use Postgres and a non-toxic developer (example).


Based on the dev’s feedback to KemoNine’s inquiries, quality of the UI and accessbile nature of the software: this will be the path forward for the Lollipop Cloud.

We have 2 instances of Fathom deployed. One for our main website and one for our Gitea instance. We have updated the transparency report to include our Fathom deployment details so you can take a look at our metrics (much like we have with Munin and resource usage/server status).

You can also find details on how to view our Fathom deployments below.

Main Website

Link :

Username : anon@anon

Password : anon


Link :

Username : anon@anon

Password : anon

Deploying Fathom Yourself

KemoNine has updated our Gitea project here (link) with relevant details on how to deploy Fathom on a Lollipop Cloud instance. The details should be adaptable to other deployments too.

Feel free to borrow and remix as you see fit.