Progress Report

Things continue to move forward

It’s been just over 1 week since the public launch of the Lollipop Cloud project. In that time we’ve had a server crash, updated a bunch of code, began a major update to the docs and brought more foundational services online.

It’s been busy to say the least.

Server Crash

Just a mere 4 hours after launch our server responsible for the public infrastructured crashed. It was down for about 8 hours. This was NOT our intent and very bad luck. After digging into things it looks like it was a one time event. We’ve been online for just over a week now and no hiccups. We will continue to monitor the server and hopefully avoid repeats ;)

Noteworthy Progress

Documentation and Accessibility

Since launch JMF has been hard at work improving our documentation. They also are helping KemoNine with improving the accessibility of our project. They have built out the beginnings of a contributor guide and have been working oon the setup and deployment documentation.

The biggest item is a Code of Conduct. JMF has one up for review on our Gitea instance and it should be adopted shortly. They are working out some final verbiage updates but overall it looks very good. Our project is very young and we intend to have an official CoC sooner than later. Hopefully it won’t be needed but we prefer to be proactive.


KemoNine continues to hack upon the code and Docker images that form the foundation of hte Lollipop Cloud services. They continue to improve items for easier deployment and accessibility.

The biggest change was a number of updates to our XMPP (Prosody) Docker container and sample config. With the updates our Docker image should be able to replace SMS and MMS. We will be deploying the lastest updates to our public infrastructure soon.

Infrastructure Improvements

KemoNine also managed to put together a Docker repository for our container images. They also figured out how to mirror official images from Docker Hub to our own repository. This means we are fully self hosted for Docker container images and our users won’t have to fight with the official Docker Hub for setting up their own Lollipop Clouds.

The contents of the registry can be browsed online here (link). We have all of the Docker container images that are being used to power our project online as well as mirrors of official containers scattered about the documentation. The documentation will be updated to use our repository as we work through the overhaul.

KemoNine has also volunteerd to put together a set of Lillipop Clouds dedicated to building our Docker images, publishing them to our repository and mirroriing official images we use or recommend in the docs. At this time the build Lollipops are online and past initial setup. KemoNine will be working on automating things shortly. There are a few small items ahead of automation on their list.

Next Steps

Our next steps are focused on tying up infrastructure loose ends, Code of Conduct, documentation, and accessibility. We continue to focus on making a self-hosted cloud a reality for as many people as possible.

Help Welcome

Not wanted: Welcome. We welcome and appreciate any help others may offer.

If you’d like to help or support the Lollipop Cloud project, please let us know. We have chatrooms listed on our Contact Page (link) and our team keeps an eye out for messages. If you prefer a more private conversation, we have an e-mail address at the bottom of every page.

Any help is welcome. There is more to a project than ‘code’. Small documentation updates submitted via an Issue on our Gitea instance, code changes, community supports, testing and more are welcome contributions. We don’t ask or assume you want to dive into the nuance of code or the deep, dark corners of our project. That’s our problem; not yours.

Please reach out : we welcome all who would like to contribute and/or participate.

The team will work with the community to ensure the project continues to improve and evolve in a positive, forward, accessible fashion.