Lessons Learned

Failing Forward

Failing Forward The focus of today’s blog post is failing forward. As a team we’ve been putting out fires, learning many things and more over the last 2 weeks or so… Downtime The first major event we’d like to report on is the downtime that happened recently. JMF and KemoNine have been dealing with a lot of offline events lately and the server crashed at the worst possible opportunity. Consequently, our site and public infrastructure were intermittently unavailable for about 36 hours. [Read More]

A Little About jmf's Lollipop in Action

jmf on saving money and mobile data

This is why I love having my own little Lollipop: My life requires that I be a little flexible in how I access the internet, but my life also requires that I can always access the internet. My base Lollipop setup is basically an ordinary wifi router, with more flexibility and features. The devices on my home network are fairly uninteresting: a couple of laptops and a PlayStation. But now they all access the internet by connecting wirelessly to my Lollipop, which is tethered to a cell phone with unlimited data/hot spot usage. [Read More]

Help Welcome

and a small status update

It’s been a week since our last update and there is very little to report. We squashed some hiccups with our build LAN (there were NO public services affected) and we’ve completed some documentation updates. For the last six months or so, we’ve had our nose to the grind stone and it’s time we take a bit of a step back. Both JMF and KemoNine have some offline stuff popping up that is going to keep them busier than usual for the next month, give or take. [Read More]

Troubleshooting: Connection Speeds

T-Mobile cell phone tethering edition

I use my Lollipop as an access point for my devices to “the outside world,” by tethering my Lollipop to a cell phone. After some recent mobile account upgrades, I finally buckled down to do some serious Lollipop work… and discovered my connection speeds are abysmal, at less than 0.5 mbps, with two different phones (an iPhone 5S and an LG K20 Plus) on the T-mobile network. But when using an iPhone 8 on the Verizon network as a hotspot, the connection speed jumped to 4. [Read More]

Hardware Failure and Upgrades

Disk shuffles where it matters

Another week, more updates. We hope you enjoy! Ensuring Non Public Infrastructure is 100% Over the last few days, we have been hard at work ensuring our non public infrastructure is running the best it can. Specifically, our storage. We run a NAS for our build infrastructure, our backups, and some other team member services. Over the last month or so, it was clear it needed an upgrade and some optimizations. [Read More]

A Status Update and a Thank You

jmf can't be stopped

Thank you, jmf Even before jmf officially joined the Lollipop Cloud team, they were contributing to the project. Over the last 3-4 months jmf has been a HUGE asset and have done a LOT of work quietly ensuring our website and documentation continue to evolve and improve. From the moment they found out about the Lollipop Cloud project, they have been involved. We cannot express gratitude in words well enough to do justice by jmf. [Read More]

The Bus Problem

Warning: Death discussion within

Warning Death is mentioned in this post and is a bit of a theme. Stop reading NOW if you’d prefer to avoid the topic. Bus Problems and Trust Ever since KemoNine launched the Lollipop Cloud as a public project they have been acutely aware of our “bus problem (link).” Stated another way: “Continuity.” Yet another way: “What happens when KemoNine dies?” We have been hard at work reducing spoons, matches and cost surrounding self hosted clouds. [Read More]

Welcome jmf!


We’re pleased to announce jmf has joined the Lollipop Cloud team!

They have been a huge help, contributor and advocate of accessibility since before the public launch of the Lollipop Cloud project. They’ve also kept KemoNine in check ;)

They’ve been granted moderator status in XMPP/Matrix and we are working with them to get them the approprate, elevated privileges on our other public services.

The Power of One Word

Hoodie tackles wanted vs welcome

Words are important, so much so that I probably don’t even need to explain why. They can hurt people, they can make people feel safe, they can make people know how others feel about them, and most of all, they can convince people of things that otherwise would have no way to be communicated between people. So today, I want to talk about two different words, and describe why these words are so different, and why one is better than the other in a certain use-case. [Read More]

Public Infrastructure Updates

More transparent, more useful

Full Disclosure We’ve been running Matomo (link) for awhile now for basic analytics of our website (open source Google Analytics). It’s alluded to on the transparency report but we haven’t published login details for read only access. Why? Because Matomo is not accessible, has very ‘heavy’ dependencies (read: too much RAM usage for a proper lollipop) and is very difficult to deploy presently. We needed a live site for testing and our main website just so happens to receive traffic (<3 you all! [Read More]