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Team Member / Founder

The perpetrator of the Lollipop Cloud concept, project lead and developer of things. You can find them over here


Team Member / Community Manager

Community management, outreach, recruiting and all things related to our community. As well as copy edits, documentation, accessibility, more. You can find them over here.


Former Contributor

A co-founder, copy edits, documentation, project management and more. You can find them over here.

hoodie aida kitten

Former Contributor

shy poor catgirl attempting to be a positive influence on the world around her

Copy edits, documentation, accessibility, more. You can get in touch with fem via e-mail, at or follow feir social media through feir site here.

Heather L. Gilbraith

Logo Comission

You can see more of their work on their website or their Mastodon account rheall@mastodon.ART


Beautiful Hugo Website Theme

Full sources and more details here